About us

For too long, humans have perceived themselves as separate from the natural world and without that connection most people have lost knowledge of how nurturing nature can be for their physical and non-physical wellbeing.

How paradoxical it is to see that at a time when 55% of the world’s population live in urban areas, the influence of the natural world is receding, while our understanding of its importance keeps growing.

Erich Fromm, a humanistic philosopher, often used the term “biophilia” to describe how humans feel the need to interact with nature and other living species, a need which in our modern society is rarely met.

We know how powerful, giving and non-judgemental nature can be.
The effect of being in nature has been proven to be extremely beneficial for our wellbeing. We believe a deep connection with nature can also give us an opportunity to move away from societal and cultural conditioning and beliefs, allowing us to find our still point creating a bridge for us to connect with our true self.

Most of the time, the things that prevent us from achieving our goals, and live a fulfilling life, are not because of “bad luck”, the problem often lies on a psychological, emotional, spiritual, or even a metaphysical level.

With all the above in mind, we have designed a unique 14 day programme that perfectly combines a profound connection with nature in beautiful settings with a transformative personal development course that supports individuals in their personal journey.

I am Damien Renaux, the founder of The New Earth Retreats. In 2006, I followed my dream to move to Australia with my wife and our five daughters to the beautiful, magical area of Byron Bay.

I have always had a passion for exploring the infinite possibilities that life brings. I enjoy unconventional thinking, travelling, connecting with people, experiencing other cultures and learning about life’s mysteries. I believe that our everyday life challenges are opportunities to move us in new directions and oftentimes take us to places we hadn’t even imagined possible and these challenges are gifts that divinely appear on our path to help us evolve.

I have a strong conviction that healing our natural environment first starts with healing ourselves.