Conscious Dance

The New Earth Retreats personal development programme includes two conscious dance sessions

What is Conscious Dance?

For thousands of years, conscious dance or ecstatic dance, which produces an altered state of mind, has been a popular spiritual practice by many ancient civilisations.

As a movement, conscious dance is now growing quickly in many places in the western world.

Some consider it as a healing practice that involves stretching, breathing, shaking, and gentle yoga like movements which help participants to become more embodied,  heart centred and more conscious of their senses.

Conscious dance is a multidirectional dance that engages a variety of muscles, promotes cardiovascular health, helps burn body fat, decreases muscle stiffness and physical tension, and vitalizes blood circulation. Conscious dance helps participants to be attentive to their emotional and mental state while connecting with their body, heart, spirit, and fellow participants.

It stimulates creativity by using the body, spirit and imagination, giving participants the freedom to dance from within in an improvisational way, which activates inner power and a body-mind-spirit connection.

It favours the release of energy blockages, limiting beliefs and thought patterns and allows a free flow of energies leading participants to come into alignment with their intuition, essence, and a deeper love of themselves.

Overall, it is a therapeutic use of movement which has a wide range of beneficial effects that allow the integration of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.